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nominated for GYO best space saving product 2013
Vertigro Vertical Allotment
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Vertigro on roof terrace

See how much you can grow in Vertigro and still enjoy your limited outdoor space!

Vertigro® is a free-standing system that enables you to grow your own vegetables, plants, herbs and flowers where ground space is limited.

The space-saving vertical design makes it ideal for patios, courtyards, roof terraces and balconies, without sacrificing all your social area.

Its unique ‘sandwiches’ are designed to hang grow bags vertically from the frame. Holding standard grow bag sizes, it gives you the ability to grow a large number of plants in a very small area.

Quick to set up and easy to maintain, Vertigro® can be used all year. Its robust build and weather-proof materials means you can ‘grow your own’ all year, for years to come. With no mess, no fuss, simply switch the grow bags and start your new crop.

So don’t let your growing potential be restricted by space any longer – get Vertigro®.


The vertical design means that a large number of plants can be grown in a small area.

Free standing
No need for bracing to a wall, Vertigro® can be placed and moved where you want it.

Stylish design
The modern design will compliment any garden space and can be used as an attractive divider or partition.

Easy assembly
Easy to put together and no need for special tools; you can be up and planting your first plug plants in minutes.

Easy to use and maintain
Designed to accommodate standard sizes of grow bags, the unique sandwich design allows bags to be quickly changed with little fuss and no mess at the end of the season.

The ability to change grow bags easily means you can keep using Vertigro® crop after crop.

Robust, weather resistant build
Vertigro® is built to withstand the elements giving you a product you can use for years to come.

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