The metal used in Vertigro Vertical Allotments is all chosen it resist the weather. The primary metal for the “sandwiches” that hold the grow bags is Aluzinc® made by Arcelor Mittal and is used for many industrial purposes and external cladding on buildings. It interesting spangled texture and longevity make it ideal for a designer product.  Aluzinc has a 7 times longer lifespan in a marine environment than Stainless Steel.

The manufacturer states: “Subject to the conditions…this warranty covers the structural integrity, in other words the non-perforation and non-rupture due to corrosion, of Aluzinc® steel sheet…used for building purposes both indoors and outdoors, for a period of 25 years….” “This warranty is based on the experience gained …since it started producing Aluzinc® sheets in 1982. taking samples and placing them in exterior exposure sites. These samples are then checked …on a regular basis… regularly inspects several buildings constructed using Aluzinc® roofs in various climatic conditions.”   click for further details on Aluzinc® warranty and the ArcelorMittal Sustainable Development policy