recycled plastic bottles with watersing spikes in grow bag

Watering your Vertigro Vertical Allotment

There are several ways you can go about watering your Vertigro Vertical Allotment.

During rainy days, you probably won’t need to water as the curvature of the metal helps water collection. During hotter or dryer weather, however, you will need to water. As the grow bag is essentially a sealed system, you will have less evaporation than from a conventional container or hanging basket, but you need to make sure you don’t over-water as a result.

I would recommend using a micro bore watering system, which can be discretely clipped to the wooden upright and therefore virtually invisible, and this can be fed from a rainwater collection system or an outdoor tap.

micro bore watering system configuration

Alternatively by making some holes in the top of the grow bag (either at the back or where the hanging straps come through the front panel) you can water with a watering can or hose or by using watering spikes with recycled plastic drinks bottles. This enables the water to trickle through rather than pouring everywhere and potentially washing the soil away.

recycled plastic bottles with watersing spikes in grow bag