Daily Telegraph Monday 2nd May

Vertigro was mentioned in an article in the Daily Telegraph in a comparison with other vertical veg solutions. It makes note of one of the other products: “The downside is the expanse of utilitarian plastic on display until the fruit and veg bush out to hide it”,  not a problem we have with the use of more attractive materials – our sandwiches are described as  “three shiny aluzinc fins looking like aircraft wings”.

Of course there are ups and downs to every design and some will suit different people and places better than others, not to mention catering for differing aesthetics. The more options people have to grow their own vegetables (or flowers) at home in limited the space the better.

I do have to clarify one point:  the greater root depth the top holes benefit from is not for root vegetables but for those like peas which have long tap roots. And while I fully expect the products robust materials and design to last for years I wouldn’t claim it would last for ever!

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